Detox your body with Dietox


Even if 2017 isn’t officially started, all of us are already thinking about the famous new year’s good intentions. The most usuals are “I will save more money”,”I will go to the gym every day”,”after the Christmas holidays I will start my diet” and so on… Some years ago, I used to do this list all the years (really all!) of good intentions. Well, a lots of beautiful ideas but how many are the times we really respect these deals? Rarely, right? Continue reading “Detox your body with Dietox”

November favorites

Welcome back guys! Although I love autumn, I have to admit that this year it was a little bit stressful start for me. I’ve been completely full of stuffs to do lately that I couldn’t stop even for a moment, I had a really bad flu and plus we’ve live a bad period for a disease in family. I’ve been under a lot of stress and
Continue reading “November favorites”