Hi everyone,

my name is Emily and I’m a 22 years old girl based in Italy who loves travel, fashion, photography and nature! 💫 

When I start writing this blog I decided to wrote it both in my mother language and also in English for all my international followers. Here you will find posts about what I love and posts about my daily life. My mainly passion I have to admit is travel but I’m also in love with nature, photography, writing and drawing. I’ve never been the type who reads book, mostly the type who wrote them. When I was younger everyone told me I was a dreamer child full of imagination and creativity, and maybe they were right cause inside me there’s still a small part of that “me”. Last but not least I’m obsessed with Paris, ma ville de coeur. Paris is the only place in the world who makes me feel truly happy and peaceful like if I was at home. Maybe one day I will live here? Who knows! 

Follow me on my journey!

Love, Emily