I love memories. Very often I love to talking about memories with my closest friends. The thing I love the most of them is that they are untouched in our minds, like a photography, and no one or nothing will ever change. Sometimes, while I am doing a new experience I think “maybe this will be a good memory in the future” who knows. Maybe that’s why I love photography and drawing so much. Because are the nearest thing to our heart’s memory. Each one brings back everything: the words said before take it, the things happened in a specific day etc. These that you can see up there were all taken in Paris through the latest years and send me a lot of comfort. When I am feeling down I just need to look at them to feel better and be carried over there.. I can hear the laughs of the people in the streets, the sun reflection on my eyes, the soft wind on my skin, the blossom scent in the air..



Paris is my happy place and without any doubt my favorite city in the world. When I am here I put on this stupid fixed smile on my face until I go back to reality. It may sounds weird but when I go to Paris one my absolute favorite things I do is watching outside the train ride from the airport to the city. I love to observe every pieces of life, even the passable details, and how the panorama changes from all these greens to the city while approaching to the centre. I really hope to be in Paris as soon as I can and show you tons of new pictures of this city that for me is pure Art. In the meanwhile you can enjoy these old shoots from there. Biggest hug, Emily


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There’ no feeling like the one I have when I’m in Paris. As you know, for me it’s a very special place. There I feel like I’m at home, plus a measure of happiness. It’s that kind of happiness thrilling and uncontainable that you usually feel only in the childhood. I don’t know, it’s always very hard to describe and if you have never been to Paris probably you can think I am crazy haha but I assure you I am not: I found out that this feeling is called “parisification”! Anyway, this city is something indescribable. It’s almost as if lights created that kind of magic. I know this may sound a cliché, but I adore strolling around the streets of Montmartre after dinner, listening to the notes of a typical Parisian song accompanied by the sound of an accordion, watching the Tour Eiffel shining bright in the night.. All that sounds a little too much romantic but now I miss Paris so damn much! The food, the sky, the perfumes, the language, the parks, the avenues, the sounds.. even the most trivial things. Maybe it’s just that I miss to be there.

Per me non c’è sensazione paragonabile a quella che provo quando mi trovo a Parigi. Come sapete per me è un posto davvero molto speciale. Quando sono lì è come se fossi a casa con un pizzico di felicità in più. È quel genere di felicità incontenibile e un pò elettrizzante che solitamente si prova solo quando si è bambini. Non saprei, è sempre molto difficile da descrivere e se non siete mai stati a Parigi probabilmente crederete che io sia pazza haha ma vi assicuro che non è così: ho scoperto che questo sentimento ha già un nome! Cercate voi stessi su google. Comunque, questa città è qualcosa di indescrivibile. È come se le luci creassero una sorta di.. magia. So che potrà sembrare un cliché, ma adoro passeggiare dopo cena tra le vie di Montmartre, sentire le note delle tipiche canzoni parigine accompagnate dalla fisarmonica, guardare la Tour Eiffel luccicante nella notte.. Suona tutto un pò troppo romantico ma in questo momento Parigi mi manca da morire! Il cibo, il cielo, i profumi, la lingua, i parchi, le strade, i suoni e persino le cose più banali. Mi manca il semplice fatto di essere lì.



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schermata-2017-02-24-alle-13-59-05PART 2 – WHERE TO EAT IN PARIS

As I promised you last week here’s the second part of my Paris City Guide and it’s a where to eat guide! I thought that restaurants/food tips it’s always really important when you travel so I put it on second place. Another reason why is that Paris is literally plenty of amazing restaurant, bakeries, cafes.. and I want to share my favorites with you! Continue reading below if you’re searching for some nice food spots in the city of love..

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Oh, Paris! Everyone of you know how much I love this city! There’s no special reason, it is what is, but the only thing I know it’s that every time I’m going here I feel so truly happy and peaceful. It’s like a second home for me! Sometimes I can’t even explain it well. It’s a strange feeling. I’m happy not only when I’m there, also when is mentioned in something or at the thought to going I feel like that. I guess that everyone has a favorite city around the world and mine it’s Paris. A magic place who makes you feel in love with everything! Anyway, the struggle was real. I missed Paris so much this year! I try to go once a year but if I’d listen to me I would be here always haha at least fourth in a year. I sincerely hope to be able to come the next month. As always I’ve got a few contingencies but I really swear to get it. Anyway I was thinking to share the ahed PARIS CITY GUIDE in the next few days! The last was a “where to stay in Paris” if you remember, maybe the next should be a “where to eat in Paris”? I think it’s such a very important thing.. food haha. And in Paris there’s a loot of good food. Food heaven. I mean, the patisserie, the boulangerie, the restaurants.. Aaah don’t even let me think about it. But I found a lot of nice spots around the city and I would love to share it with you! Love, E

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Schermata 2017-02-24 alle 13.59.05.pngPART 1 – WHERE TO STAY IN PARIS

Hey sweethearts! Today I’ve decided to create a new categories of posts: the city guide! I think it would be useful for those who want to travel in a city they never been or don’t know it very well. Here I’ll collect all my advices, favorite places, restaurants, cafes etc for the city I’ve already seen and explored. Hope you’ll like this new type of posts and could be helpful for you! Love, E.

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