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On our second day in Tuscany we went to the countryside and stopped at this beautiful little village called San Gimignano for having a family lunch! It was magical and the view was absolutely spectacular as you can see. At the restaurant we ordered some truffle pasta, and a plate full of traditional cheese, prosciutto, salame etc. Everything was so delicious! Here you can’t really complain of food. I will love forever these kind of cuisine even if it’s very typical also in my region Emilia Romagna and I am so used to that. After lunch we strolling around the old streets inside the walls of the village and bought some wine, cheese and food to take with us. I was incredibly fascinated by this place!

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The restaurant and the view from San Gimignano!

Some plates we order at the restaurant! If you passed by San Gimignano you need to go there. Very tasty food and affordable prices! You can find it right before the city gates.

My dad picking up some Tuscan wine and delicious typical products! He was a food agent for so many years so he know really well which products are the best.





Good morning angels! This was such a magical day for me. We spend it whole in Florence, one of my favorite city- probably the first? – in my country  for its artistic side and beauty almost everywhere. I am always saying it is a smaller Rome but quieter and beautiful all the same. Anyway, we drove to Florence early morning and arrived about mid morning. We took a walk around the city, mostly between the Ponte Vecchio and the downtown area. And guess what? We stuck on an incredible action movie set – things that never happened to me before – and I was incredibly fascinated by that. Later we found out the movie was the most expensive Netflix production by the movie director Michael Bay. Everything seems so magical in Florence. You can find contemporary random poetry on the walls, movie sets, works of art from past centuries and even more. It is a city I will always be in love with. For lunch we went to a not too far lovely town called San Gimignano and then we came back to Firenze for watching the sunset in one of my favorite spot of the city: Piazzale Michelangelo. Here you have seriously the best view of the city. One important detail is that is almost always so much crowded – like yesterday – and if you’re behind obviously you will never seen anything. Talk soon, E




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You know how much I love sunset’s light, is it able to make every picture more special, more beautiful or just that extra “more” than another picture. On my last trip to Tuscany we drove through a lot of incredible countryside landscape in the province of Siena and Firenze. At sunset we found a huge expanse of vineyards and olive trees and I just couldn’t resist to shoot some photos here. I mean, it really looks like a dream. My total look is from Pull&Bear, if you’re wondering. I love the check print of the top and the style of this classic pair of shorts. Especially in these last days of summer I wish I could wear shorts forever.. Anyway angels, I hope you enjoy the pictures! I am also going to post something else later to show you how beautiful Tuscany is! Love, E



Hey honeys! How are you? My body today hurts so much, but in a good way, since yesterday I had a very strong workout. Anyway, my Sunday was quite lazy and all about preparations for the next week. Tomorrow I am going to Tuscany for some days and then straight to my summer house next to the sea (deeply happy about this) for the rest of the week. I know Tuscany is a dream destination for many people and I know I am very lucky to live only one hour by car from this beautiful land, so this year we decided to take a little getaway there! I am so excited. I really can’t wait to show you some landscape pictures of the beautiful Toscana. Now I am going to order some take-away food and then I feel like I will start to watch a new series. Any recommendations? You always tell me the best! Lot of love, E


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How dreamy this place is?! We found it between Margherita Ligure and Portofino. We couldn’t not to stop and taking some pictures in that breathtaking place. I already saw it on other bloggers IG feed but in person it’s a whole other things!

Anyway, right now I already came back home from a few days. I just finished to unpack all my suitcases from this trip and the next week I will packing my stuffs again for Menorca! Can’t wait. I have been there almost 4 years ago, I think? Time flies so fast but I am really excited to take off another adventure. On the 13th I will also celebrate my birthday: I am not a big fan of birthdays but July is one of my favorite months of the year so let’s make it absolutely beautiful! Love, E