Good morning loves! Today I woke up pretty early so I decided to do a little 30 minutes session of yoga and meditation. I love to start my day in that way. After that I immediately felt so relaxed and ready to kickstart the day! But not before breakfast. I always need to have a good breakfast in the morning. It’s my favorite meal of the day and I couldn’t live without! Even more I don’t understand who skipped brekfast :( In the latest years I also tried to include more fruits and vegetables to my first meal of the day. When I discovered there are a lot of different smoothies bowl recipes I decided to give them a try and I have been with them ever since! You can make it with basically every kind of fruit you have + a frozen banana and some water or milk. Lately, I have two absolute favorites and in this post I will tell you the recipe! Hope you love it angels. xximg_8270-e1538156326836.jpg


This is probably my favorite bowl ever! I could eat it everyday hehe but I always try to eat my açai bowl only before a good workout since it’s quite caloric. Here you have my basic recipe but sometimes I change toppings or I add some almond/peanut butter in the mix – actually depends on what I have at home. I am sure you will love it!


1 frozen banana

1 frozen açai pack 

some milk or water (I use almond milk)

For the topping:



Almond butter

Start by preparing the base’s mixture. In the blender add the frozen banana, the açai and  the milk or water. Mix it well since you have a creamy texture then pour the mixture in a bowl. Now you can add the toppings. I use some blueberries, rich in antioxidants, a little bit of cacao muesli (my favorite) and almond butter. Delicious!


Usually, I make this smoothie on those mornings when I don’t feel like eating too much but I am quite starving something sweet. I love the sweet taste of the mango (if you want it even more sweet you can add some dates!) and the cinnamon. YUM! Also the ginger is a very natural remedy for the throat, so I usually drink it when I don’t feel very well.


1/2 frozen mango

3 handfuls of fresh spinaches

fresh ginger (to taste, I use a very little piece)

1 teaspoon of cinnamon & a pinch of tumeric

almond milk 

Blend all the ingredients in the mixer until the frozen mango and the spinach are well mixed together. Add some almond milk if it’s a bit too thick and voilà! I usually make this one when I am running late or I have some appointments and I have to hurry up! Easy, fast and super tasty. Hope you angels enjoy this recipe as much as I do!



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On our second day in Tuscany we went to the countryside and stopped at this beautiful little village called San Gimignano for having a family lunch! It was magical and the view was absolutely spectacular as you can see. At the restaurant we ordered some truffle pasta, and a plate full of traditional cheese, prosciutto, salame etc. Everything was so delicious! Here you can’t really complain of food. I will love forever these kind of cuisine even if it’s very typical also in my region Emilia Romagna and I am so used to that. After lunch we strolling around the old streets inside the walls of the village and bought some wine, cheese and food to take with us. I was incredibly fascinated by this place!

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The restaurant and the view from San Gimignano!

Some plates we order at the restaurant! If you passed by San Gimignano you need to go there. Very tasty food and affordable prices! You can find it right before the city gates.

My dad picking up some Tuscan wine and delicious typical products! He was a food agent for so many years so he know really well which products are the best.



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After watching the sunset at the lighthouse and after a cozy dinner at our house with a raspberry gazpacho – love it btw – we decided to go out in Cala Blanca, our headquarter in the island! We loved it because was near to Ciutadella and the most beautiful beaches like Cala Brut, Turqueta, Macarella etc. but also quiet and not too busy. I remember to have seen a nice cocktail bar next to the beach so we decided to go for a drink! We ordered a delicious virgin piña colada, a virgin strawberry mojito (I don’t love the taste of the alcohol and my mom neither) and a beer for my dad. Everything was great and the place so cute and made to the smallest detail. The name was Hola Ola Mediterranean Beach and we love it, if you’re in Cala Blanca I absolutely recommend you to have a drink or an aperitivo there! Goodnight my angels. Love, E

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You can find Hola Ola Mediterranean Beach at Cala Blanca, Carrer Llevant, 11, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca, Islas Baleares





One day when I was in Menorca I decided to woke up at 7 o’clock straight before going to the beach and go for a morning run! I assure you that I know how hard can be to push yourself to working out. Actually, I myself am kind of lazy but I try to be not because I hate that. When I am away from home of course I love to chill out but at the same time I want to stay active! Then with this sea view tough.. let’s say it helps! ;) No doubt that one of the thing that motivates me more when I am in a “no mood workout” is to think about how you feel better after a good workout! Doing something great for ourselves always makes us feel a little bit better. Hope this motivates you too! Love, Em

Una mattina mentre ero a Minorca ho deciso di svegliarmi, prima di andare in spiaggia,  alle 7 in punto e di andare a fare una corsa! Credetemi, so quanto possa essere difficile motivarsi a fare attività fisica. In realtà io stessa sono una persona molto pigra ma cerco di non esserlo quasi mai perché è una cosa che non sopporto. Quando sono lontana da casa ovviamente mi piace rilassarmi ma allo stesso tempo rimanere attiva! Poi con questa vista sul mare.. diciamo che aiuta! ;) Certamente una delle cose che mi motiva di più quando non ho per niente voglia di allenarmi è pensare quanto ci si sente bene dopo un buon allenamento! Fare qualcosa di buono per sé stessi ci fa sempre sentire un pò meglio. Spero che questo possa motivare anche voi! Em



Good morning everyone! Well, these pictures are from my yesterday’s morning workout but my day has started quite the same today.. soo here you have haha. I woke up early and then I ate a delicious smoothie bowl with peanut butter & a loot of granola (my favorite!) and then I run 5 km on the treadmill. It feels so good after that. Plus I did some exercises for the legs and some sets of crunches. Anyway, I’ve missed this kind of daily post. I will spent the rest of the day with my friends, I also want to go to Zara later to check some new spring/summer items for my wardrobe. I am waiting this for several weeks and now I think it’s time for some shopping. I saw they have a lot of pretty new things. I will keep you updated! Em

Buongiorno a tutti! In effetti queste foto sono di ieri mattina ma la mia giornata oggi è iniziata praticamente quasi nello stesso modo.. quindi, ecco a voi ahah. Stamattina mi sono svegliata presto, ho mangiato il mio delizioso smoothie bowl con burro di arachidi e muesli (il mio preferito!) e poi ho corso 5 km sul tapis roulant. Ci si sente veramente troppo bene dopo una bella corsa! In più dopo ho fatto qualche esercizio per le gambe e qualche serie di addominali. Comunque, mi mancavano questo genere di post. Il resto della giornata lo passerò con le amiche, volevo anche fare un salto da Zara nel pomeriggio perché è da settimane che lo sto rimandando. Credo sia proprio arrivato il momento di fare qualche acquisto primaverile/estivo. Ho visto che hanno un sacco di cose carine. Vi terrò aggiornati! Em