Hey angels, how are you? Today I want to talk about you which are my best beauty allies for this summer! I have a very sensitive skin all year around but in the summer it always getting worse due the sun exposure and the other stress factors like the sand, the heat etc. Everyone knows there’s nothing better to spend our days at the beach during summer and we definitely wish the annoying harmful effects of the sun weren’t a problem for us! What we need is a product that protect us naturally by UVA, UVB and IR rays and that allows us to enjoy the sun without no worries! Even more, if your skin is sensitive and sun reactive like mine, a gentle product that allows us to expose in total safety. After using these products from Freshly Cosmetics during my last destinations all that I can say is they have passed the test! These healthy SPF 50 sun protection contains natural ingredients, are biodegradable so marine-life friendly and perfume free. A key aspect is that they’re also free from chemical filters: instead, these sunscreen only contain natural physical filters like zinc oxide. Also the powerful antioxidant technology and the high concentrate of lingonberry and aloe vera protect the skin against photoageing and redness. Since I found them they’re always with me in my bag! You can buy them HERE. Anyway don’t ever forget to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the sun with an high sunscreen, even if you have dark skin that get rarely burned: unfortunately the damage is noticeable only after years of bad habits so protect yourself angels! A big hug, Emily



This post is in collaboration with Freshly Cosmetics.

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Good morning angels and happy Sunday! First of all I really want to thank you for all your latest support. As you can see I’m ever more present here on the blog lately and I couldn’t be happier! I’m really excited. Today I want to talk about hair and some of my personal tips about it. Taking care of my hair is one of the things which I’m usually handling more everyday: for me is very important to use a few very good products, reason why I thought that I could share with you my favorites. I never had major problems with my hair, maybe also due to the fact that I didn’t carry out excessive hair dying or stressful treatments. As I said before, I don’t use many products but the few I use I always make sure they’re good quality. Usually I wash them twice, at the most three times a week and I think is also very important to keep your hair “natural” as much as you can. This does not mean that hair straightener, irons etc. are your worst enemy but using them too much can seriously damage your hair’s structure, achieving over time the reverse effect. Be sure to always use a good heat-protective product when you cannot do without them and even more if your hair is very dry or damaged. Another good advice that I can totally support is don’t be afraid to get a haircuts when you go to the hairdresser: get rid of 5/10 centimeters will make your hair only more healthy!



Some years ago my hairdresser introduces me to Olaplex, a repair treatment for worn, damaged or colored hair. Although my hair weren’t extremely damaged, they needed some moisture after all the summer spent at the beach. This product is a kind of salon treatment that strengthens hair structure from the inside and you can easily do it at home. I personally use it one time a month (but it could be used up to two times a week) and really restores new life to my hair! There’re many ways to use it but I apply it like a mask before the shampoo and leave it on my hair about 10-30 minutes while I’m answering to my daily emails (but always depends on how much time I’ve got that day).


Here below you can find the direct links where to buy all the products I use!

At the moment I’m using all products from the Kèrastase line to wash my hair. They’re very high-quality products and are available for many hair necessities. I personally picked the Cristallise Bain Cristal shampoo, specific for thin hair and the Ciment Anti-usure conditioner, a restructuring and strengthen treatment for hair moderately damaged.

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After I’ve washed my hair, is essential for me to add even more care. I normally use three products on damp hair. One is always from Kérastase and it’s called Elixir Ultime. It is a light oil for fine hair that smooths and makes them shinier. It’s an amazing product but lately I’m using more another product from Kèrastase that I’ve bought this summer and I really really love it so far. Its name is Discipline Fluidissime and it’s a moisturizing spray, frizz ease, heat protector and makes the hair soft and shiny. The thing I love more about this product is that is really multipurpose! The other one I’m using is a super good product that I’ve had in ages! It adds a lot of care and make my hair soo soft without making it greasy. It’s called Silky Spliss Repair and it’s from La Biosthetique. This oil is a must have for me when I wash my hair and I always use it in my end (wet or dry doesn’t care).

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What else to say? I guess I have wrote basically everything that is my daily hair routine and the most precious tips I always try to keep up too. I must recognize that time is on the side of good habits and in the last years I have learnt more and more helpful advices to take care of my hair as appropriated. We all have unique and so so different stories, reason why speak for all I think it’s really too generic. Always draw upon what you learn and there is nothing to stop a change! Maybe something good for you today it won’t work in a year or two. Don’t stop learning is my major tips! Hope this will always help you <3 Love, Emily


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My mum and I were been from always pretty close. She’s a very important part of my life and we always try to stand and help each other. I really love her! In this day dedicated to her I thought that I could make her a very authentic gift. I love handmade things and I believe that they worth more than many other super expensive stuffs. In my opinion they made a very special memory in the mind of those who receive it and who did it. So I made and write her this little card! What do you think about it?


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Since she has a very dry skin and a bad eczema from her childhood I thought that I could buy her also a good lotion that could give her a bit comfort. That’s why I went for the Baume Corps Super Hydratant from Clarins, with Shea butter and orange blossom. I already knew this body lotion cause I tried it some years ago and I remember that I really loved it.. and smells so good! So I thought that I could make my mom try this one, coupled with the others specialized lotions she already has.

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And you? How did you spend the Mother’s Day? What gift have you took for her? I think that everyone should be thoughtful to our mothers everyday, also with little things. They’re so authentic! We must not forget this. I love you mum! #spreadlovetoallmums

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Generally I’m not a make up-aholic: I’m used to had a very basic beauty range since I stared using it but one thing I can’t waive is the quality of my products. Like I always say “quality not quantity!” and no one words were more right! Yves Rocher is a brand that I always loved, but today I got my eyes on a new foundation brush and a beautiful brow pencil. I was searching for the perfect brush from a while and finally I found it!

Apart from this two new entries, I’ve already got many others products from Yves Rocher for which I am literally in love. Here I’ll list you someone:

  1. Serum Zéro défaut is one of my favorite, you have to apply this before your usually moisturizer and has a totally light texture. I apply it in the morning combined with another cleansing serum and for my skin it’s amazing. You can find it here.
  2. Eau de parfum – Comme une Evidence it’s one of the products I use most before leaving the house in the morning! The fragrance is gentle but at the same time floral/sweet the way I like it. You can buy it here.
  3. Masque hydra végétal it’s everything. Super moisturizing, super comfortable, this mask it’s like to make drink your skin liters of water. A refreshing bomb for the skin! Find it here.

Also with my products I got a gift: a micellar water and a serum ultra hydrating! AND a 30% discount to use on a future shopping that I suspect will be very soon! haha Well, I hope you like this post about my Yves Rocher experience. A big hug, Emily.

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Welcome back, my sweet followers. Today it’s the first October’s monday and I’ve decided to publish an amazing recipe of this natural pink face mask! I absolutely love homemade face masks because they’re all made with natural ingredients and it’s always funny to make them. Sometimes we don’t even guess which amazing and useful magic things we have in our pantry.. every natural product have a lot of benefits that we can use to our advantage! There are endless types of face masks for any requirement, but this that I’m going to talking about it’s specifically for the hated pimples and oily skin! Strawberries are fabulous for the skin: they are rich of vitamin C and antioxidants, which gives brightness and hydration. This delicious fruit it’s particularly appropriate for oily skin and also for acne because helps to unwanted excess of sebum and had propriety astringent , which in perfect. The yogurt too helps to fight acne and to minimizer the skin’s imperfections. Lastly, the honey, nourishes the skin without leaving it oily! Here’s the easier recipe of the mask.

Ingredients :

  • some fresh strawberries                                                                            
  • 1 pot of natural yogurt                                                                                                    
  • 2 tsp of raw honey                                                                                
  • 1 tsp of potato starch (to thicken the mask)