Bikini HERE / robe crochet, old from MANGO / sunglasses RAY BAN

Hi sweethearts, how are you today? I am currently spending some days at home with my family and friends but I am looking forward to leave again in some days or weeks, who knows. The city is almost empty and I am thinking to do something improvised like a road trip in Tuscany or somewhere else. This is probably one of the first outfit post in a while but I still have a lot of pictures to show you from my last trip in Menorca. Btw, this is the perfect everyday beach look and so typical me: a swimsuit + something in crochet and of course my inseparable sunglasses. A fun fact is that I always need to wear sunglasses, even on cloudy days, because my eyes are clear so too sensitive in the light. I love wearing swimsuit and this one has the perfect tone! Rust is one of my favorite color when it comes summer, especially with tanned skin. What do you think about this? Hope you like it. Love, E







Hey angels, how are you? Today I want to talk about you which are my best beauty allies for this summer! I have a very sensitive skin all year around but in the summer it always getting worse due the sun exposure and the other stress factors like the sand, the heat etc. Everyone knows there’s nothing better to spend our days at the beach during summer and we definitely wish the annoying harmful effects of the sun weren’t a problem for us! What we need is a product that protect us naturally by UVA, UVB and IR rays and that allows us to enjoy the sun without no worries! Even more, if your skin is sensitive and sun reactive like mine, a gentle product that allows us to expose in total safety. After using these products from Freshly Cosmetics during my last destinations all that I can say is they have passed the test! These healthy SPF 50 sun protection contains natural ingredients, are biodegradable so marine-life friendly and perfume free. A key aspect is that they’re also free from chemical filters: instead, these sunscreen only contain natural physical filters like zinc oxide. Also the powerful antioxidant technology and the high concentrate of lingonberry and aloe vera protect the skin against photoageing and redness. Since I found them they’re always with me in my bag! You can buy them HERE. Anyway don’t ever forget to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the sun with an high sunscreen, even if you have dark skin that get rarely burned: unfortunately the damage is noticeable only after years of bad habits so protect yourself angels! A big hug, Emily


This post is in collaboration with Freshly Cosmetics.

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Romper & straw bag ZARA / sunglasses RAY BAN

One evening, I take my parents to one of my favorite place of the island for having an aperitivo by the sunset. I remember that here I had one of the best mojitos I have ever tried so I obviously need to come back! It’s called Cova d’en Xoroi and it’s an incredible space built inside a cove! You can go here just for happy hour or before when turns into a nigh club. I know it sounds crazy, a disco into a cove haha but here you have one of the most beautiful view of Menorca. Maybe is a little bit expensive and the owners not so kind but that’s okay, I promise you it’s worth everything!

The cave is situated in Cala en Porter. We arrived around 7 o’clock, just in time for the aperitivo! We ordered a couple of virgin mojitos (they were so good as I remembered!) and watching the sunset in the terrace. I almost would say that this place is not very suitable if you’re afraid of heights because is about.. ehm.. 30 meters at the edge of the cliff (!) but if you’re not, like me, you will definitely enjoy the breathtaking view! I totally recommend you a stop here if you are in Menorca. What else angels, I hope you like the pictures! Love, E










Top ZARA / skirt LOAVIES / sunglasses MANGO / bikini PEONY SWIMWEAR

Here you have some pictures from the beautiful Cala Cavalleria. We visited this slice of paradise on the 2nd day and we love it! It’s a beach situated in the north of Menorca, were the vision is completely different because the sand is red and it’s definitely a wild area. For this reason I fall in love with this island: even though the amount tourism was able to keep its wild side and in some ways unexplored. I think Menorca needs to be explored for the ones who loves adventure like me! I recommend you to rent a car if you are here and try to see as much as you can because every beach is completely different. Hope you like the pictures! Love, Em

Qui ci sono alcune foto scattate nella bellissima Cala Cavalleria. Abbiamo visitato questo angolo di paradiso il secondo giorno e ci è piaciuto davvero molto! È una spiaggia situata nel nord di Minorca, dove la vista è completamente differente perché la sabbia è rossa e di sicuro è una zona più selvaggia. Per questa ragione mi sono innamorata di questa isola: nonostante la quantità di turismo è stata in grado di mantenere quel lato selvaggio e sotto certi aspetti inesplorato. Penso che Minorca sia tutta da esplorare per quelli che amano l’avventura come me! Il mio consiglio se vi trovate qui è quello di noleggiare una macchina per vedere più cose possibili perché ogni spiaggia è diversa e particolare a modo suo. Spero vi piacciano le foto. Un bacio, Em









One day when I was in Menorca I decided to woke up at 7 o’clock straight before going to the beach and go for a morning run! I assure you that I know how hard can be to push yourself to working out. Actually, I myself am kind of lazy but I try to be not because I hate that. When I am away from home of course I love to chill out but at the same time I want to stay active! Then with this sea view tough.. let’s say it helps! ;) No doubt that one of the thing that motivates me more when I am in a “no mood workout” is to think about how you feel better after a good workout! Doing something great for ourselves always makes us feel a little bit better. Hope this motivates you too! Love, Em

Una mattina mentre ero a Minorca ho deciso di svegliarmi, prima di andare in spiaggia,  alle 7 in punto e di andare a fare una corsa! Credetemi, so quanto possa essere difficile motivarsi a fare attività fisica. In realtà io stessa sono una persona molto pigra ma cerco di non esserlo quasi mai perché è una cosa che non sopporto. Quando sono lontana da casa ovviamente mi piace rilassarmi ma allo stesso tempo rimanere attiva! Poi con questa vista sul mare.. diciamo che aiuta! ;) Certamente una delle cose che mi motiva di più quando non ho per niente voglia di allenarmi è pensare quanto ci si sente bene dopo un buon allenamento! Fare qualcosa di buono per sé stessi ci fa sempre sentire un pò meglio. Spero che questo possa motivare anche voi! Em