Good morning angels! This was such a magical day for me. We spend it whole in Florence, one of my favorite city- probably the first? – in my country  for its artistic side and beauty almost everywhere. I am always saying it is a smaller Rome but quieter and beautiful all the same. Anyway, we drove to Florence early morning and arrived about mid morning. We took a walk around the city, mostly between the Ponte Vecchio and the downtown area. And guess what? We stuck on an incredible action movie set – things that never happened to me before – and I was incredibly fascinated by that. Later we found out the movie was the most expensive Netflix production by the movie director Michael Bay. Everything seems so magical in Florence. You can find contemporary random poetry on the walls, movie sets, works of art from past centuries and even more. It is a city I will always be in love with. For lunch we went to a not too far lovely town called San Gimignano and then we came back to Firenze for watching the sunset in one of my favorite spot of the city: Piazzale Michelangelo. Here you have seriously the best view of the city. One important detail is that is almost always so much crowded – like yesterday – and if you’re behind obviously you will never seen anything. Talk soon, E

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