Good morning loves! It’s been a while since I posted one of my fashion wishlist so now that fall is officially coming back I thought to show you some of my favorite pieces! This autumn it’s all about animal prints, checks and brown tones. I also think the chunky sneakers trend will be great this fall and every kind of cozy sweatshirt. Another thing I am in love with are belt bags. Moreover, when the season change I always had to change some home furnishings at my house so I also add some pieces from my interior wishlist. Hope you like it angels and of course inspires you! Love, E


1. Paris sweatshirt €59 HERE / 2. Utility shirt €25.99 HERE / 3. Checked coat €179 HERE / 4. gold jewel box €22.99 HERE / 5. Cargo pants €24.99 HERE / 6. Chunky trainers €52 HERE / 7. Leopard skirt €19.90 HERE / 8. contrast seams jeans €49.99 HERE


1. Printed   t-shirt €5.95 HERE / 2. Jumpsuit €39.99 HERE / 3. Porcelain mug €4.99 HERE / 4. Snake belt bag €69 HERE / 5. Snake print flared pants €19.99 HERE / 6. Cropped linen jacket €59.99 HERE / 7. Leopard skirt €55 HERE / 8. Leather zip-up ankle boots €59.99 HERE

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